Majority of use will only be able to build a custom house once or twice in our lives, one home is more than enough, so having one built requires the expertise of custom home builders.

Let's say that your area in Toronto has no shortage of custom home builders, that doesn't mean an easier decision making process for you; finding out who can do exactly what you want is the challenge.

What is Your Custom Home Speciality?

This is a very basic question for an interview, but it's crucial that you ask it. There are home builder who sole focus on the framework of a home or the  exterior home renovations  area while the speciality of other's lie in interior renovations.

Narrowing down your list of potential custom home builder in Toronto involves considering just what kind of job you want done to the home.

Can the custom home builder Give you Samples of Projects from Past Clients?

Professional custom home builders Toronto should have a ready portfolio containing pictures of a couple of past projects worth commending. Ask for samples, specifically the ones that are similar to what you want done.

In case you want the design for an entire house, ask for sample floor plans alongside ending photos of the initial design. Meanwhile, those that just want one area of their home remodelled should ask for the before and after photos of remodelling services done for past clients.

Is the home builder able to provide Any Customer Referrals?

Some of the most honest reviews and comments come from testimonials and referrals; these typically come from past clients.

The company can claim all the expertise and quality in the world, but it will only be proven through numerous positive reviews and referrals.

If you encounter a custom home builder that denies you access to past clients or have no past clients to offer, then we suggest that you look to other custom home builders.

How Much is Insured? Does the home builder have Tarion?

All the custom home builders that you interviews must have enough insurance to cover the entire work process in case of damages. This is why it is important to choose a builder that has Tarion .

It's practical to ask to see the policy or maybe even request a copy of it to go through; makes sure that the overall amount of insurance is enough to cover the job that you're having done.

Keep in mind that insurance amounts vary greatly; it will basically depend on the kind of service you want done to your home.

It's like comparing the insurance coverage of a room renovation and a house being built from scratch, it's obvious that a room renovation will require far less insurance.

So to sum up

If you're looking for a reliable home builder in Toronto, there are many choices to consider.

A good home builder will be able to provide you with professional info, past references, Tarion warranty and much more.

A bad home builder will reject any of the above and offer you a cheap price when it comes to building a custom home.

What to Ask Your Toronto Based Custom Home Builder

Choose The Right Home Builder
Choosing the right home builder is not an easy task. You need to go above and beyond to spend that Million dollar on the home you're looking to build. Thus, which such investment opportunities, it is important to qualify your home builder and take it to the next level by adjusting to the Toronto's market and the type of home you're looking to build.
You need to consider the following;
  1. cost per square foot
  2. builder's experience
  3. time it takes to build a home
  4. does the builder include an inhouse architect
  5. are you hiring a project manager or full construction builder
  6. when do you want to start building
  7. is it necessary to build or is it better to sell the existing property

building a custom home in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, North York, Aurora, Newmarket, Stouffville, Brampton, Mississauga or anywhere in the GTA is not an easy task. Thus you need to find a professional builder for the task.

Read Building Codes in different cities in GTA & Permits for further information;
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